SEC Cohorts are discipleship journeys designed for the spiritual formation of our SEC churches. Each cohort creates pathways that strengthen the witness of our local churches in the areas of vitality, Financial Leadership and Justice. SEC churches are encouraged to participate in one, two or all three cohorts. You are eligible to participate once you can identify three people from your local church who commit to meeting four times over one year to design and implement a project in their local church setting. There will be pre-reading and post-reporting before and after each on-site meeting. Two churches from each network or the first 6 churches to sign up for each cohort will form the cohort. The cost for each cohort is $200/church and it can be paid in four (4) $50/payments. Registration opens on Monday, June 3rd for each cohort. All cohort meetings will be held in Atlanta at the SEC office. Scholarships are available for churches that need help with transportation or lodging.

Vitality Cohort


Our Congregational Vitality Cohort is a discipleship journey that explores how the living God breathes new life into the heart of a congregation . It is not about sustaining and maintaining; it’s about thriving, growing, and depending on God to lead us deeper in Christ and further in mission.  Each church will learn how shared mission requires shared models and methods to strengthen ministry. By implementing proven strategies in their local contexts participants will implement specifically designed projects to strengthen the vitality of their local churches mission. The Vitality Cohort launches on Friday, August 9th - 10th and registration opens Monday, June 3rd and closes on Friday, July 26, 2019.

Justice Cohort


 Our Justice Cohort is a discipleship journey about intentionally engaging topics of justice including racial righteousness, restorative justice, social entrepreneurship and Christian community development in local contexts as our witness of being embodied communities of Christ’s shalom. We believe each church in the Southeast Conference desires to help those who are hurting and to make what is wrong in our communities right. This means our churches needs to be places of understanding and truth-telling. We are called to lead ministries of healing, rebuilding and restoration. Justice is more than standing against what is wrong. It is also about making sure things are right. The Justice Cohort launches on Friday, October 25th - 26th and registration closes on Friday, October 11th. Registration opens Monday, June 3, 2019.

Financial Leadership Cohort


Our Financial Leadership Cohort is a discipleship journey about stewardship and generosity that is expressed in gratitude, revealed in prayer, guided by the Holy Spirit and lived in faith. We believe each church in the Southeast Conference desires to be generous in their giving. The world has changed, and these shifts are influencing how Christians give. Old models, assumptions, and expectations about how to nurture generosity are having diminishing impact and new forms are emerging. Participants will explore these emerging trends and design projects to implement in their local contexts. The Financial Leadership Cohort launches on Friday, September 20th - 21st and registration opens Monday, June 3rd and closes on Friday, September 6th.